Image of a kitchen that uses induction technology

Induction Technology

How does an induction plate work?

Concrete benefits that an induction cooker brings to your kitchen

What should you consider when choosing an induction plate?

Image of a kitchen that uses induction technologyYes, you will renovate your kitchen with an induction cooker is a good decision and we will tell you why.

How does a simple explained induction plate work?

Basically it is a physical principle known as Faraday's law: a magnetic field is generated between two surfaces: the plate and the base of the utensil, this magnetic field becomes heat transformed into the ferromagnetic surface of the diffusing base.

In simpler language, these plates, instead of generating heat with an electrical resistance, generate magnetic fields that heat by induction only the container where the food is cooked, without heating the glass-ceramic glass. For this reason there is no thermal inertia of the glass that is present in the glass-ceramic: it heats immediately, reacts quickly to changes in power, and when finished there is very little residual heat, which comes from the pan.

Specific benefits that an induction cooker brings to your kitchen:

Security: The acquisition of an induction cooker reduces the risk of burns, fires, explosions, poisoning and suffocation; thanks to the use of clean energy. Ideal if you have children at home because the heat is only transmitted between the plate and the bottom of the pan or pot, if you put your hand you will not get burned.

Easy cleaning: if the food falls on the plate it does not get dirty, it cleans very easily, because if something spills, it practically does not stay stuck.

Savings in energy consumption. With pots and pans of good materials the heat is distributed more evenly, the ingredients stick less and the meat and fish are juicy.

High speed: the operating principle of the induction plate makes it heat up very fast, the time is approximately half that of other heat sources

Low consumption: the cost in electrical consumption of an induction plate is much lower than that of a glass ceramic plate and even less than the consumption

Ecological: if you are a user of electricity produced by renewable means you contribute to improve our planet.

What should you consider when choosing an induction plate?

If you are someone who wants to change the kitchen to gas or glass ceramic and you are planning the change to induction cooker, what should you take into account when choosing your induction hob?

Dimensions: the most usual size is a width of 60 cm. with 3 cooking zones. Other usual options are: 80 or 90 cm. wide in the larger models.

Number of fires or burners: from 2, 3, 4 or flexible

Power levels: the greater the number of levels, the greater the degree of precision you can have to control the power. The most usual models usually have Control: the simplest? Slide your finger on the plate to select the power.

Timer: you can program the on / off of your board

Guarantee: choose only those that have a guarantee

Finishes: the aesthetic is also important: depending on the model your plate can be flush or raised on the countertop, finished with stainless steel or metallic glass.

Flexible features of some models: some manufacturers have developed the concept of zones instead of fires. In this way and depending on the diameter of your containers activate the necessary cooking areas. This gives you great flexibility because you can cook with very large or small containers.

Pots: you can not use any type of pot since its base has to be made of a ferromagnetic material. To know if yours is suitable, try putting a magnet on the base of them: if the magnet sticks, the container is suitable.

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