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The light breaks where no sun shines.

- The presence of led in the market has turned lighting into a truly fundamental element. Especially because of its great versatility in terms of colors, sizes and energy efficiency.
- One of the trends that we like the most is sustainability. No technology can be a trend if it is not sustainable and in this issue the led is outstanding. The LED bulbs are respectful with the environment since they do not contain polluting elements and all their components are recyclable.

Image of a led bulb

Other features that make this technology significant:

LED bulbs consume or can consume approximately 80% less electrical energy than traditional bulbs. LED bulbs consume 2,5 times less than a compact fluorescent lamp and 8,9 times less than an incandescent bulb. This brings an impressive economic savings.
Useful life
Led bulbs have a lifespan of up to 50,000. This translates to a duration of 17 years to 8 daily hours of use. Unlike the traditional bulb, an LED bulb does not stop working, it only progressively reduces its luminous capacity and its replacement is estimated in a range that goes from the 30.000 to the 50.000 hours.
Protection of the Environment and Health
The LEDs are a monochromatic light source that does not generate ultraviolet or infrared light. In this way risks are avoided both in human health and in the flora and fauna, this greatly helps to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.
Led bulbs do not contain mercury in their manufacture, so they are totally ecological.
High Efficiency in Lighting
The flow of light in LED lamps allows directing it to the desired area without losing energy in beams of light in other directions, thus increasing the luminance uniformity and reducing the loss of illumination between light sources. As a result, LED lamps have a higher useful luminous efficiency (in percentage of lumens per watt) than compact fluorescent lamps.
Quality of light
LED lights have a high Chromatic Reproduction Index. (IRC: is a measure of the ability of a light source to faithfully reproduce the colors of various objects compared to a light source). Led lighting systems offer a uniform brightness, for any type of environment (exterior, interior or open spaces).
Savings in Maintenance Costs.
Led bulbs are perfect for installation in applications where maintenance is very complicated or expensive or in places of restricted access. Because the energy consumption is much lower, the electrical installations of the LED lamps are made with cables of many smaller sizes, this translates directly into a substantial saving in the wiring and in the installations.
Versatility in Applications.
The lighting technology with LEDs can be found in practically all applications, being able to replace common incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. In addition, unlike fluorescent lights, this technology supports low temperatures, up to -40 °, which makes them suitable for installation in places such as cold rooms.
They are adjustable
In intelligent lighting systems where dimmers are required (timers, motion sensors, etc ...)
Immediate ignition
It is not necessary an optimal time to reach its full brightness, as is the case of compact fluorescents). This is a great advantage in places where a momentary intense luminosity is required.
Greater Thermal and Mechanical Resistance
LED bulbs are solid state devices so they are not as fragile as conventional bulbs and resist large variations in vibration and temperature, which ensures continuity in lighting.

"Remember that for darkness not to be present, it is important that the light shines brightly"

Source: Led_Box_News

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