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Image of a man with a headset. Text of the image "Tune in here during the month of October A production of: Energy Efficiency Area Announcer: Randall Carvajal Herrera"

Image with the text of the Confessions Campaign "Commemorative Campaign of the 21 World Energy Saving Day in October In our program we will open a microphone and we will meet eight protagonists each with a different story.

Imagen con el texto de la Campaña Confesiones Leo el tostador, Caro la batidora de inmersión, Max el pichel eléctrico, Vale la licuadora y Meli la batidora. Audio 5 – Voces: Kevin Jiménez V. Jennifer Molina C. Alejandro García C. Stephanie Brenes C. Rosibel Santamaría H. Y vos… ¿tenés electrodomésticos periféricos? Utilizalos, ¡son más rápidos, seguros y eficientes!.

Image with the text of the Campaign Confessions Rafa the micro. Audio 4- Voz Victor Cubero Bernal And you ... how do you feel the microphone? Disconnect it when you do not use it. With more reason if there are shreds

Image with the text of the Campaign Confessions Dora the refri. Audio 3 - Voice: Rocío Chaves Zúñiga And you ... how do you make the fridge feel? Appreciate it Remember to move it away from the heat sources and give it enough space.

Image with the text of the Campaign Confessions Rita the compu. Audio 2- Voice Carla Bermúdez Astorga And you ... how do you make your computer feel? Let her rest !. Turn it off when you eat lunch, go to a meeting and at the end of each day.

Image with the text of the Campaign Confessions Luci lighting. Audio 1- Voice Sharon Navarro Alfaro And you ... how do you feel about enlightenment? Do not leave her alone. If you go out, turn it off!

Energy Efficiency Program

Energy Efficiency Firm that says "Energy Efficiency Area, The value of doing things differently, Our Services: Companies and Industries (Promotion and Energy Management Advisory), Educational Cetrics (Energy Education), Energy Efficiency Area, Anonos Campus - CNFL, Savannah West, We are your ally in the administration of electricity consumption Information: / / 2295-1174 "

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